Wearable Art Stockings

These socks, reminiscent of the grand Turkish tradition, are designed not for walking about, but sitting with one's feet up, showing off socks as art.

Pattern description from Knitting Around: “So-called because we have found no way to incorporate strengthening into the heels and toes. Thus, these stockings are for the hostess to wear, shoeless, with her feet up on the coffee-table: Socks As Art, or Sock It To Art, or Art’s Socks. As Nancy Mitford said, ‘Americans love art so much, they even name their children it.’”

Approx Date: 
Elizabeth Zimmermann
Sock Type: 
Any yarn that knits firmly at the gauge desired.
Anywhere from a US#4 to 6/ 3.5-4mm, depending on size and yarn.
5.5 to 6
Pattern Source: 

Knitting Around