Sock Museum Timeline

What is the Sock Museum?

The Sock Museum at the Sock Summit is a real-live exhibit of historically important and accurate sock replicas from the oldest pattern we can find, right up to the current time, all knit by people like you – contributing to keeping a record of this work. Socks, being humble and ordinary footwear to most unenlightened folk, haven’t been recorded in history’s timeline the way that many other human inventions have. For example, we know who invented the lightbulb , the airplane and the zipper, but almost nothing is known about the humble but vital first sock, the first knitter of socks, or the technique used to create it. The Sock Museum aims to put what we have in one place, and keep an accurate record from here on.

At the Summit, you can visit the actual exhibit to learn more about socks in general, and talks and tours with a sock history expert will be available.

In addition (because we know you all can’t get to Portland that weekend) the Sock Museum will exist as a virtual exhibit on-line, for everyone to visit and contribute to, as it evolves and continues to reflect our sock knitting history.

A historical timeline will walk you through the evolution of the modern sock, and display and discuss each important design period and development throughout history. As the timeline approaches the present, look for iconic socks, developments and designers from our time.

The best part of the museum is that it will be by the sock knitters, for the sock knitters. We’ll have a database (and we’re open to your ideas) of historically important socks, and we’re looking for individuals, groups and guilds to help us knit them.

Contact us here if you have an idea!

And check out the list of Available Socks to sign up to be a Sock Museum Knitter!

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